My housemate, Marci, and I finally moved into our house last weekend.

After submitting 4 applications, received 3 call backs, and offered two places (all in one week just to brag a bit), we chose to go with a charming little place in Nob Hill.

For those who read my earlier post on house hunting in San Francisco, then you can recall that there are a few tactics we used. The tactic we use for this landlord was #2 – emotional appeal by reminding him of his children. Well, that and offering to pay $200 dollars more than the asking price.

Nob Hill, for those unfamiliar with The Bay Area, is located in more or less center of the city and accessible to essentially everywhere on the city. It is one of the more safer parts of the city to be in when an earthquake hits because of the solid foundation of bedrock it sits on.  When picking a neighbourhood in SF, this is a huge thing to consider.  The Marina – a neighbourhood north of Nob Hill – is apparently the most susceptible to earthquakes and will flood like Atlantis City when the major one hits.  So how did Marci and I end up being able to afford a place in Nob Hill which is nicknamed by some as snob hill?

Two Reasons:
Reason One: It borders the Tenderloin (not seen on map above) which is San Francisco sketchville. But luckily we’re a few blocks away and I have my handy Swiss Army knife ready to attack if I need to.

Reason Two: Who needs a gym when you’ve got gravity pulling you back every time you try to walk uphill… Both ways! I never understood that joke until I moved here.  It’s a looooooooooong hike uphill to my apartment and then another 3 flights of stairs to get up to my building.

But regardless of the two reasons, there are some great bonuses of our location and apartment.

Bonus #1: We are centrally positioned in the City.

Bonus #2: Hills are a great way to work out.

Bonus #3: Chinatown and Little Italy are close by.

Bonus #4: Rent Control Apartment.  AHHHmazing!!!

Bonus #5: I commute home on a cable car.

Bonus #6: Did I mention earthquake safe?

Cheers to #lifeonnobhill!!!

    • leigh anne
    • November 16th, 2011

    San fransisco has hills? You don’t say.

    Ps. – Look I read you blog post – can you beleive it?!

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