The Top Ten List – Living in the San Francisco

After having been here for a few months, I’ve rounded my Top Ten List on Living in San Francisco. Pretty much things that would make me cry when I move back to Toronto one day.

(1) Pandora. Not the jewelry store but the amazing internet radio service that magically knows my taste in music and what I want to listen to next. I don’t understand Canadian copy rights laws and so I don’t understand why we don’t have them in Canada. Also Pandora now follows me on Twitter making me pretty LEGIT!

(2) I’ve met my grocery soul mate and his name is Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain that sells mostly organic food at a reasonable price. They also offer unique items such as Pumpkin Ice Cream and Pumpkin Butter. I can’t wait to see what the Christmas line up is!

(3) Tar-jay. Has the store opened up in Toronto yet? I heard it was opening up last year and never heard a word since. What is this? #notimpressed

(4) No fees banking. I can debit $0.50 with worrying that I was going over my transaction limit. The ATM also counts my cash for me when I do a cash deposit and allows me to insert a personal cheque without having to input the value on the machine. I love the convenience that but I can’t help but wonder if it’s contributing to me being more and more mathematically dumber.

(5) The water. I’ve never lived by a body of water other than during my undergrad at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario but the town was surrounded by a lake and not an ocean.

(6) Beer and Wine accessible at your local store. I guess the trade off of being legal to drink at 19 means losing the convenience of running down next door to pick up a bottle of wine for your dinner party?

(7) Having a zip code that starts with a 9. I’m just a few hundred away from 90210.

(8) Having the cable car be part of my daily commute. It’s the quickest way to get home and allows me to avoid the uphill climb to Nob Hill.

(9) HULU. Like Pandora, Hulu has revolutionized my life. I mentioned Mega Video to Marci, my housemate, and she went “what”? No one here needs Mega Video because Hulu is free, legit, and aggravates all your shows to one website which is a great thing because I keep forgetting How I Met Your Mother is on CBS and not NBC.

(10) American phone plans. I can’t… I just can’t even explain. I don’t think it’s normal behaviour when a Verizon employees upgrades your data plan from 2GB to unlimited for free without me having to ask, and then having my first reaction be questioning why she would do that and what secret strings came along with it for 5 minutes. That poor lady. For those unfamiliar with Canada phone plans, here’s an article from the CBC that can shed some light.

I’ll do another post on this after my 3 month mark and see what has changed. Is there anything that I’m missing on my list?

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