The one time I was up until 2am.

On Thanksgiving Thursday I stayed up way past my 11pm bedtime.  It wasn’t because I was out having a crazy fun time.  Nope, I missed out on 3 hours of solid cozy sleep time to be crushed in a mob.  Welcome to my first Black Friday.

At 11:45pm last night, I was waiting out of Macy’s with my coworkers Katie and Loren and 100 other desperate shoppers.

Around 11:57 the doors to Macy’s opened.  There was a loud wave of cheers among us 100+ shoppers waiting outside.  And then, we all madly pushed our way in.

I started off in the purse and bag section.  None of the ones that I’ve been coveting were on sale.  The purses that were on sale was shoved together in the middle of an aisle on a long table.  The purses could have been a Marc Jacob, Ralph Lauren purses but I was so turned off by all of these purses shoved together on a giant table.  I felt like I was picking out a purse from the trunk of a car on Canal Street.  Pass!

After experiencing my first fail of the night, I moved onto shoes.  OH EM GEE.  Remember the scene in Mean Girls where Regina pushes Aaron’s hair back and tells Lindsay Lohan’s character to say it looks sexy and then the lunch room turns into a jungle attack.  This was that but in real life.

In one section, all Rampage boots were on sale for $29.99 and women were just throwing shoe boxes everywhere.  In another section, customers were just attacking this poor Macy’s employee.

Can you help me?

Size 7

I need a size 8

I’ve been waiting to get help this entire time

The poor Macy’s girl could do nothing but weakly say

I think I just confused everyone’s shoe requests and sizes.

I got my butt out of that section as soon as I could.  No amount of discount was worth dealing with that.  I think this is why my mom says I’m going to be poor for the rest of my life.  Hmmm…

After an hour at Macy’s, I walked away with one pair of jeans that was $15 less than the original cost.  Not a huge saving but I’m very thankful I left with no scratches and no confrontation over the last pair of heels.

My key takeaways after my first and most likely last Black Friday:

(1) Do go in a group and bring along a friend who could care less about Black Friday to stand in a corner and watch your pile of stuff you want to buy.

(2) Do bring your cell phone and make emergency plans on where and when to meet if technology and all else fails

(3) Do create a list of everything you want and map out how the store is set up to optimize your time.

(4) Don’t be a jerk to the employees who probably gave up her thanksgiving dinner with family to serve your rude self.  It is very easy to pretend they don’t have your shoe in the back and guess who loses the Black Friday war?

(5) Do consider buying bed, bath, and other home decor during this time.  Katie and Loren scored great deals!

What are your thoughts?  Do you think I’m too quick to write off Black Friday after only one attempt at it?

    • leigh Anne
    • November 27th, 2011

    I think next year you should dress up ion army fatigues! It would be more appropriate since this seems like a war zone!

  1. Lol. I’ll consider it! Maybe if I look crazy, shoppers will want to steer clear of me.

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