Canadianism vs. Californianism

My Californian housemate, Marci, and I have the funniest conversations.  You wouldn’t think there would be a lot of cultural differences considering we’re neighbouring countries but sometimes the least expected differences create the most confusion.

My conversation with Marci has inspired a new blog category titled Canadianism vs. Californianism.

On watching How I Met Your Mother when Barney finds out he’s part Canadian, Marci goes:

Now that I work with so many Canadians, I understand a lot of what Robin says on the show.

What do you mean Marci?

Well, like I know that a Canuck is a hockey team.

Robin had just used the word in a sentence with absolutely no relation or reference to hockey or the hockey team.

Um… ya. But I think in this context, she’s not talking about hockey.  Canucks is another word for Canadians.

What?  What do you mean?  You call yourself CANUCKS?

Ya, it’s like a slang term.


Insert Marci’s confused face here.

Side Note:

I let Marci read this post before it went live.

Her reaction:

What!  So you call a hockey team slang-Canadian? Pauses Please don’t write that in your blog

Insert Leona’s stunned face.

    • piazzaobserver
    • December 6th, 2011

    As a “Canuck” myself, I always wonder how Americans who have never met or went to Canada see the jokes on How I Met Your Mother. And here is evidence! I had the same experiences as you when I lived in France last year. All my friends had HIMYM themed questions for me. I felt a little like Robin T myself 🙂
    Nice post!

    • Lol. So funny, I actually picked up HIMYM in Europe because all the Europeans kept making Robin references to me.
      Thanks for visiting… off to check out your blog!

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