10 Things I Miss Aboot Home

As much as I love San Francisco, there are many things I miss about home.  It’s only fair that I write a Top 10 List for Canada as well.

(1) Family.  Without a doubt, the number one thing I miss the most is my family.  I haven’t lived with them or even in the same city as my family since I moved away for undergrad so I’m use to not seeing them much.  But when Thanksgiving hit and my American coworkers were talking about going home to see their family, I felt a wee bit homesick.  My mom was no longer a 3 hour bus ride away.

(2) Along the same lines, my friends made the Top 10 List.  I lucked out with having a really great group of friends who managed to stay in touch after school despite a few of us venturing off to different Canadian cities, Sierra Leone, India, and the States .  It’s hard being invited to Facebook events that I can’t attend… it’d be even worse if they forget to invite me.

(3) The excitement of the first snow fall.  I know I’m going to get a lot of flak for saying this but I actually really miss the cold weather.  The Christmas season just doesn’t feel the same without seeing a glimpse of the first snow fall of the season.

(4) Colourful money.  I hate not being able to tell how much money is in my wallet in one glance.  Did I give the cashier $5 or $20? Crap, I forgot… is it too late to ask for it back to check?  Kermit’s right. It’s not always easy being green or in this case seeing green.

(5) Metric system.  I have no idea what 50 degrees mean.  Can I wear shorts?  Oh wait, it’s friggin cold.

(6) Celebrating patio season.  Every day in SF can have the potential to be patio season which means that no one ever really gets overly excited to be able to sit outside and drink a beer.  It is the best feeling to wake up in April and see a glimpse of spring and then sit outside shivering while convincing yourself that patio season has indeed arrived.

(7) I don’t even eat it much but it’s nice to know that if I’m starving for something greasy and gross, I can run out somewhere and grab a poutine and stuff my face in cheese curd and gravy.

(8) All-in-one grocery stores.  As much as I like me some Trader Joe’s,  I haven’t been able to find a grocery store in SF that is equivalent to Loblaws scope and size.  One where I can buy all my groceries even ethnic food, get myself a pair of jeans, and stock up on beauty supplies.  There isn’t that one massive superstore like Loblaws.  While Wal-Mart has groceries in their stores, it has nowhere near the same type of variety in food that Loblaws superstore offers.

(9) No guns.  I’m running out of ideas.  Maybe I really don’t miss home all that much.

(10) Ohhhh last thought!  Caesars.  Not the salad.  The drink.  Frak, I miss my favourite brunch drink.  Bloody Mary’s are not the same and tomato juice is gross.

On another note, I’m going to visit a friend in Charlotte, North Carolina in January.  If anyone has any recommendations on things to do and see, let me know.

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    • leigh anne
    • December 3rd, 2011

    Agree with the metric system… what is that about?!. I am glad that we made # 2 on the list. I should bring you some Canadian Coins to incorporate into your change purse. When I was in syracuse, 2 hours south of the border they wouldn’t accept my canadian penny in my pile of change. I would like to test this theory in Cali

    • You ladies are always high on my list!
      I was driving one day and having things be in miles means that I’m speeding 10 miles over the limit which is really really really bad.
      And yes, let’s test that theory!!! I once received American dollar coins and was very confused.

  1. This was awesome! I feel like I will definitely be relating to 1 & 2 soon :(. Also, how the eff am I’m going to get by without my ceasar, eh?! I’m going to have to stock up on clamato juice and smuggle it in.

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