Canadianism vs. Californianism

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My coworker Katie came over to have dinner with Marci and I one night and Marci goes:

Do you guys like Fa? (she pronounced fa as in Deck the Halls… fa la la la la)

Katie and I shook our heads

Nope.  Don’t know what that is.

It’s Vietnamese dish with noodles.

All together now, Katie and I go

Ohhhhh…. Pho.  You mean Pho.  (pronounced like foe)

Marci stares at us like we’re insane

What?  No, it’s pronounced Fa.

We pronounce it foe in Canada.

But restaurants do a play on words with it.  Like Phenomenal Fa or Fa 69.

I don’t have any Vietnamese friends to confirm the pronunciation but I think I’m pho-ing (California pronunciation)  confused.

  1. I know for sure Joanna said it’s Fa (as in do, re, mi, fa) and she’s Asian so it should be legit.

    • So
    • December 6th, 2011

    It’s “Fuh” actually.. or so says all my viet friends.. and us Asian people up here in Toronto… Just saying…

    • I think you and Harry are purposely generalizing me out of the group. #sadface.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. haha i’m asian and i just say “foe” to spare myself the embarrassment if i’m wrong. just say it like it’s spelled (PHO)

    • yvonne
    • December 6th, 2011

    haha, my mom is from Vietnam. It’s pronounced “fuh” rhymes with duh. Love your blog Leona! makes me giggle.

    • Lol I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t know! Miss you Yvonne!

  3. In this city I’ve tried many places that serve Pho but by far the best place is turtle tower. They must be adding some type of addicting drug because this soup is evaluable good.

    I was sad however to see that their tenderloin chains have closed. I hope they are planning to open another in a nicer area.

    • Nooooooo Turtle Tower closed? It’s been on my bucket list to try some. Thanks for letting me know. Woulda suck to venture to a sketchy area only to see a closure sign.

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