In the San Francisco Jungle.

My friend, Leigh Anne, recently came to visit me from Toronto so I took a Monday off from work to explore the city with her and do all the fun touristy things that I haven’t done since I moved here.   Exploring San Francisco on a Monday proved to be a wise choice.  There are fewer people roaming the streets resulting in way more opportunity to do photo ops.

Stopped for coffee and breakfast at Village Market in the Inner Richmond neighbourhood on California and 8th.

Despite being here for over two months, I finally made my way over to the Golden Gate Park… only to be greeted with this sign:

I think the last thing I'll want to be doing is throw a rock at it.

It’s funny – If I saw a sign that warned me about bears in Ontario, I wouldn’t have reacted but rather be “just another day in cottage country”.  Pretty much how Marci doesn’t freak out about earthquakes but when I tried to explain to her how Canadian kids spend recess outside in -10 degrees Celsius, she thought we were a cruel and evil nation.

Leigh Anne and I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in the park.  If you ever want to check out the tea garden, they have free admissions Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before 10AM.

Entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden

Path of rocks

Later that day, we checked out San Francisco China Town.

How can you not love the lanterns?!

From China Town, Leigh Anne and I made a detour to Coit Tower to check out the view.  I was apprehensive about going to Coit Tower because most people I spoke to told me to skip it and head over to Twin Peaks instead.   But as it was Leigh Anne’s vacation, her choice took precedent over mine.

Despite the foggy (when is it not foggy!) day in SF, the view up there was spectacular!  Too bad my camera fail to capture how great the view looked [insert sad face here].  If you’re in the North Beach/Fisherman’s Wharf area, it’s not a bad hike to get up to Coit Tower and the houses surrounding it is also really great to check out.

Coit Tower

After Coit Tower, it was finally time for the main event of the day… WATCHING WHALES or as it is appropriately called, Whale Watching with the San Francisco Whale Watching Tours.

Thanks to Groupon, Leigh Anne and I got to go on a whale expedition for the price of 1 person.  On this tour, we went under the Golden Gate Bridge and made our way out of the bay and into the Pacific Ocean.

After running from one end of the boat to the other and then back to my original spot then back to the other side, we spotted some sort of sea mammal.  I thought it was a whale but others claim it was a dolphin.

Whale or Dolphin?

We also went over to where the seals live.  They are cute little creatures but didn’t do much to entertain us other than continue to sleep on their cold rock.

Lazy seals

Having not seen seals outside of Marine Land in Canada, I really couldn’t see why they didn’t want to play catch with me.  I think this requires a #suburbankidupbringing hash tag.

What other parts of San Francisco and the Bay area must I see?

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. I miss San Fran. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • SF is quite amazing. Thanks for the kind words and visiting!

  2. My favorite US City – thank you for a great tour. It brought back so many memories. Cat

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  1. December 21st, 2011

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