From East to West

I was asked recently why I moved to San Francisco.  I replied,

For work, I was asked to relocate.

I later thought of my answer and realized that it wasn’t the most sufficient of answers.  Work can’t be the only reason why I moved.  If I was asked to relocate to Flin Flon, Manitoba I wouldn’t have said yes so readily and willingly.  There had to be more.

I always always always wanted to work overseas.  Back in 2009, I added “work in London, England” to my bucket list of things to do and I see San Francisco as a great detour to that and a way of gradually stepping into the life of an expat.

In May, I visited SF and fell in love with the city 10x over.  A foodie city right by the water and mix of eclectic and smart individuals.  Sign. Me. Up. Now.

San Francisco provides me with a great opportunity to visit the cities around the West Coast and while I’m all the way over in the Pacific, provides me with the opportunity to explore Asia more.

I love traveling.  I love living overseas and stretching my comfort level and getting myself into situations that I can’t figure out how I got myself into.  Where else would you find it funny when a man shouts at you and chases you and your two friends on a train funny other than traveling overseas in a strange land?  My blog only captures a glimpse of the awkward situations I’ve managed to put myself in since I got here.

I’m still trying to get my life sorted after having gone back to Toronto for the holidays and getting back last week.  I’m off to Charlotte, North Carolina this long weekend to visit a friend but look out for some stories including the First Time I Drove in San Francisco, Why Cabs in SF Hate Me… and Everyone Else, and of course a recap of my trip to Charlotte.

    • Andrea
    • January 21st, 2012

    I know rankings aren’t everything but hopefully this will make you at least a little jealous that I still live in Toronto:

    • It does!!! But then I remember how I wore a dress earlier this month (ie something I can’t do in Toronto.

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