A Day in Charlotte, North Carolina

I arrived in Charlotte Thursday night before the Martin Luther King long weekend to visit my friend Chadd from Queen’s University and my exchange school Universite catholique de Louvain.  Chadd was out of town working until Friday night so I decided to spend the day on Friday getting to know Charlotte.

The day began by walking into downtown Charlotte along Tryon St., which on a map is actually uptown and can cause a lot of confusion among directionally-challenged tourists.

Please turn to your left and take in the beauty that is…

The Bank of America Stadium!

Walk a little further and you’ll hit The Green which Charlotte Tourism describes as…

“Giant books and pages as well as a walkway of magical sounds enliven this literary-themed wonderland of a park. Colorful benches and the fantasy Fish Fountain offer areas to relax.  Dine alfresco or indoors at restaurants along the park. “

…but my pictures pretty much captures all that you’ll see.

It was cute and probably my favourite part of the city although that title wasn’t hard to get.

Next, I had lunch The King’s Kitchen recommended by many Yelpers.

The King’s Kitchen is a not for profit restaurant where proceeds goes back to the community.  The food was fresh and absolutely affordable.  For $9, I got a plate full of southern fried chicken, spinach, butternut squash, and mac and cheese and corn bread and a biscuit to start!  I absolutely recommend checking this place out if you’re ever in the city.

Nom nom nom

After I finished lunch, I continued to walk around town but after a few blocks I realized I had reached the end.

So I decided to walk along the other two major streets – College St. and Church St. but that also didn’t take very long.

Still having 4 hours to kill before Chadd got off work, I hopped on this little bus.

Gold Rush Transit Trolleys are free and WARM!

So I took the free bus from…

… Where the large circle is to where the arrow points to.

And then from…

… Where the circle is to where the arrow points to…


I was almost that “bus rider” that falls asleep on the bus and going round and round with it.

… Back to where I started.

I then proceeded to do the same thing with the Red line but I’ll spare you the details and my horrific graphic design skills as it doesn’t get all that exciting and I’m sure you can predict how that went.

I want to say the rest of my weekend in Charlotte was amazing but I wouldn’t know because I convinced Chadd and his friend to road trip it down to Charleston with me.  By convincing, I mean peer pressuring them to priceline a hotel after they’ve had one too many 2AM in the morning.  I should feel bad for coercing them but I really don’t.  Evil?

Another state to cross off my list.  47 left.

  1. Sorry you didn’t enjoy Charlotte. If you ever visit again, what makes Charlotte great are the neighborhoods that surround Uptown Charlotte. If you enjoy good restaurants and an artsy feel, check out NoDa (recommend Crepe Cellar for dinner & Revolution for craft beer). There are a few art galleries and if you like good music, most nights at the Evening Muse are a safe bet.

    DIlworth and SouthEnd are popular too. Paper Skyscraper is a really cool gift shop to roam around. Pewter Rose is good for wine. A gourmet burger (voted best by Charlotte) can be found at Liberty Gastropub. Cheap pizza slices at Fuel Pizza are good for soaking up alcohol late at night.

    Uptown can give the wrong impression of Charlotte. It doesn’t seem like there’s much to do, but maybe consider a visit to the Bechtler Museum of Art. Discovery Place is good for hands-on science type stuff (I enjoy it and don’t even have kids). Really good Tapas-style food can be found at Dandelion Market. The Wooden Vine is another good place for a glass of wine. Go to a Charlotte Bobcats game (NBA) or check out the Charlotte Checkers (AHL Hockey) at Time Warner Cable Arena (they call it the “cable box”). For heart-attack food, go to Mert’s Heart & Soul for fried chicken, collards and mac-n-cheese.

    Hope you have better luck next time you visit!

    • I will most definitely need to make another visit out and try out your recommendations. The meals I had in Charlotte were pretty amazing!

  2. I was afraid Charlotte would be a disappointment. On my visit, it seemed to be a cookie cutter city with no local flair or identity.

    • It was very much a financial hub type of city rather than a touristy city. The food was good at least!

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