Oh Those Hills and Wheels!

There has to be a trick to this.

Oh em gee



This car’s insured right?

FRAK!!! Do I have health benefits?

Summary of my thought process while I was waiting at a stoplight, foot on the brake, light just turned green, on a close-to-90 degrees angle hill, car starting to pull backwards as I lift my foot off the brake to hit the accelerator.

“Uh, maybe try putting your foot on the brake and your other foot resting on the accelerator and then gently let go of the brake as you press on the accelerator” my poor colleague, Rob, advises.  Somehow, he was the unfortunate guinea pig in my first attempt to drive in San Francisco.

I followed his coaching and up my little Zipcar went. YES!  Thank GAWD!

“There you go!  Thatta girl!  Great job!” Rob enthusiastically says to me.

I turned to Rob who somehow has scarily morphed into my driver ed teacher from way back when.  Sadly, I knew he was genuinely trying to be encouraging and supportive but I still couldn’t suppress the terse “thanks” reply I gave him nor could I suppress the facial expression I gave him.

A replica of the look I gave him but less cute because no one is more adorable than Michelle Tanner!

Driving in San Francisco is a whole different ball game.  You need a new level of skill here – one that involves going up steep hills, then being expected to stop at a light or stop sign while gravity is still trying to pull you down.  This post should not discourage you from letting me drive you places.

    • Leigh Anne
    • February 4th, 2012

    Imagine this driving attitude/ skill level on the pacific highway on hairpin turns…. It is a miracle I am alive!!

    • hyperhappyguy
    • March 4th, 2012

    D’erm, what might be the right way to drive that? I had a similar experience in Hollywood. I let go of the brake, and slid back a bit, accelerated a bit and after some wheels spinning in place, finally go going. I’m planning a trip up to San Fran soon, I’d like not to repeat that.

    • It’s like a little dance:
      1) Keep your foot on the brake
      2) Gently put your foot on the accelerator
      3) Do a little shake, press down on the accelerator and leggooooooo of the brake!!!

      Good luck!!!

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