What a Belle! Carmel, CA

On Wednesday before the long President’s Day weekend, my two coworkers – Kiley and Amy who recently moved from Toronto, Marci, and I decided to do a road trip down to Carmel, CA.

We left the city on Friday around 4pm.  The drive to Carmel took about 3 hours and I suggest not driving up to the area when it is dark.  The roads to our cottage on Palo Colorado were windy and the dark with no streetlights made it semi-sketchy (ie. we could have easily drove into the ocean).

The first morning there we went into the beautiful town of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Brunch at Carmel Belle.  Simple, homemade food.

We started off with brunch at Carmel Belle, an adorable cafe where the focus of the food was on the taste of the fresh veggies it used rather using lots of sauce.

Afterward, we wanted to go hiking but the cute town of Carmel lured us into wandering around and we ended up spending too many hours browsing through the shops.  We did, however, stop by a tourist information center and learned that Monastery Beach near Carmel is one of the few beaches that still allows bonfires and open alcohol.  A throwback to the old school style of beaching.

Kiley, Amy and I were really into the idea of doing a bonfire on the beach.  It seemed so quintessential California that we just could not not do it!

We got to the beach around 9:20pm, hoping that maybe we could bandwagon off of someone else’s bonfire since we were four girls and 3 out of 4 of us had threw back a few already.  Fire + alcohol = Smokey the Bear saying “Only you can prevent wildfires”.

There were no bonfires… actually wait, there wasn’t even another living soul there.  Luckily, we brought wood from our cottage, propane, and a lighter to start a fire.  Mankind has been starting fire even before we learn to fish so how hard can it be?  (Disclaimer!  I’m not an anthropologist, I have not a effin clue if fire came before fish).  Ignoring the fact that we were the only ones on the beach which is the start of horror films, the fire plus the abundance of stars in the sky made for a beautiful night.

Fire was made thanks to Kiley and Amy.

Kiley and Amy successfully started up a fire!  We let the fire go until it burnt out.

Sunday morning we went hiking in Point Lobos which was one of the highlights of the trip.  The park was a combination of walks along the coast and hikes in the trees.  The girls and I chose to walk along the coast.  Minus some sketchy moments where I was legitimately afraid of falling into the ocean and being another lost soul to the sea, it was one of the best walks I’ve ever been on.  Nothing like standing at the edge of land and next to the ocean to make you think all your grand life problems are meh small.

Walking along Point Lobos, Carmel, CA

California is surely one of the prettiest states.  For more photos of my weekend, click here.

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