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Are you there blog? It’s me, L.

Oh… hi old friend.  It’s been awhile eh?  This is a bit awkward.  We haven’t spoken in like 8 months and I know you’re hurt that I forgot about you, haven’t checked up on you, and basically just went MIA.  But there’s a reaaaaaalllly, really, really good reason for that.

When I first started you, it was to document my new life in San Francisco and it was easy back then.  Back in 2011 when I first moved and had no friends.  But things are different now.  Instead of talking to myself, I’ve made friends.  A network.  People who appreciate or at least put up with my antics.  That’s no excuse to forget about you and cast you aside like yesterday’s garbage but it happened.  Forgive, forget, accept it and move on.  I’ll start blogging again and tell you stories about getting mugged in San Francisco and how I’ve slowly morphed into an organic, chemical-free, wannabe yogi and runner hippie, and on your end you’ll start bringing in traffic and readers again.  Deal?