The Great State Escape

I decided during a recent vacation in Charleston, South Carolina – somewhere between being at an Oyster Fest, watching people boat from one pub to another, thinking… they actually really do this down here – that I wanted to take full advantage of my US Visa as much as possible.

This means that over the course of the next three years, I’m going to try and hit all 50 states. And so it begins…

— The Great State Escape Challenge —

During this challenge I’ll blog about each state and the city or cities I’ve visited. There’s a few already on my wishlist such as Nashville, Tennessee (home to my beloved country music) and Savannah, Georgia (someone recommended me to go there for St. Paddy’s Day). There’s also a few states that I’ve already done but repeats are always fun. I’m sure Vegas is different when you’re over 21 and not crying because your mom didn’t let you go on the roller coaster ride at Circus Circus.

Let the games begin!!!

US States

California – I Live Here
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North CarolinaCharlotte, January 12, 2011 (blog post to come)
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South CarolinaCharleston, November 9, 2011
South Dakota
West Virginia

  1. I can cross 41 of them off my list. I highly recommend New Mexico, Arizona (northern especially), and Wyoming. Yellowstone Park and the Grand Canyon for the tourist sites, Hatch, NM for the food (it’s where most green chiles on North America are grown).

    • New Mexico and Arizona are high up on my list, especially since it’s only a hop and a skip away from California!

      Any specific dishes you recommend having in New Mexico?

  2. Green (or Red, but I prefer green) chile enchiladas, green chile burgers, pork and green chile stew, or anything that sounds really simple. This is one case wher simpler is better. If it looks fancy or complicated, get something else. The beef and pork are amazing (NM has a huge farming and ranching industry). Frontier Diner (on Central Ave, edge of UNM’s campus) in Albuquerque has the best Huevos Rancheros on the planet (and pretty damn good cinnamon rolls too). La Posta in Messila (outside Las Cruces) is really good, authentic Mexican food. Find the mom-and-pop places.

    • Amazing!!! You’re quickly helping NM move up on my list.

  3. This is absolutely AMAZING! What a great idea. I definitely want to try something like this. Sounds like you are an avid traveler (I saw all the places you’ve been so far!) and I hope I can say the same one day. Working on it now. Come to Florida. The weather is great right now and the beach babes are out in full swing;) haha

    • It seems like you’re traveling through Europe next summer. I spent 6 months living in Belgium and traveling through the continent. Let me know if you need any recommendations – you’re going to have the best time!!!

      • YES! I’m constantly looking for suggestions. I’m going to be getting some German language credits somewhere in Germany ( I haven’t quite decided the best fit for me yet). I’ve never been over there so I’m looking forward to it more than finding the man of my dreams or having kids. lol;) I’m actually trying to move out to SF when I get back to America which is how I found your blog! I can’t wait to start that chapter of my life. You are so lucky to live there!!!

      • SF is very lovely. I feel very lucky to live here!

        When you go to Europe, you must check out the New Europe tours ( run by individuals in their twenties. Available in various European cities, the tours are about 2 hours and are free. The guides work on tips and it’s a great way to get to learn about the city and its history before you start exploring it on your own.

        I loved loved loved Germany. I’ve been to Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich and I must say Munich was amazing! It may not be as popular as Berlin but a lot of history happened there and the buildings and surrounding environment can’t be beat! Berlin is also great but I would prefer to do a short visit then stay there as my home base.

        I’m following your blog so I’ll be on the lookout of where you plan to go.

    • asailorsgirl
    • March 24th, 2012

    Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂 Nashville, TN is a wonderful place to go- lots of exciting things to do! If you love country music, then you need to go line dancing in the Wild Horse Saloon. It’s downtown, and they have line dancing instructors on the floor with you. 🙂

    • Nashville sounds fantastic! It is definitely on the top of my to visit list. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  4. You’ve been the absolute best help. Thank you so much! I’m writing your recommendations down in my ‘euronotes’ section on my phone and will definitely put them to use. Thank you times infinity, darlin!

    I’m also super stoked to live vicariously through you in SF until I (hopefully) can move there. Fingers crossed!

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